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chic fall 2017 / 2018 winter coats

Chic Fall 2017 / 2018 Winter Coats

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best large breed puppy foods for 2018

Why you should tailor your dog’s food to their age and breed

Arthritis is a common problem among senior dogs – especially large breeds – so a diet that is rich in omega-3 and fatty acids may help to reduce inflammation.
Added glucosamine and chrondroitin may help to support joint condition and general mobility. Senior dogs are usually less active so lighter recipes are better.

The best dog food you can buy
For a brand that offers premium dog food designed to suit your dog’s natural biological needs, our top choice is Orijen. This brand creates pet foods that nourish your dog’s body just as nature intended, and it uses only the freshest regional ingredients in an assortment of formulas catered to dogs.

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